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Family Support Recruitment/Referral

PH-2400 - view full service definition

4 subcategories for "Family Support Recruitment/Referral"

Case/Care Management Referrals

Programs that maintain lists of individuals who are available to serve as care/case managers and which link individuals who are in need of this service with appropriate... (more)

PH-2400.1300 - View 1 resources »

Foster Home Placement

Programs that link individuals who are in need of alternative living arrangements with appropriate private family homes that are licensed to provide foster care. Licensing... (more)

PH-2400.1900 - View 2 resources »

Foster Parent/Family Recruitment

Programs that identify and enlist people who are willing to provide foster care for dependent children who have been removed from their homes because of abuse, neglect or... (more)

PH-2400.2000 - View 2 resources »

Interpreter/Translator Registries

Programs that maintain lists of qualified interpreters and/or translators and link individuals and agencies who are in need of this service with appropriate resources. (more)

PH-2400.3350 - View 1 resources »


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