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Guide to Local Health and Human Services


Code: BT

Programs that provide for the basic transportation needs of the community including the local and long-distance conveyance of people and goods, and special arrangements for older adults, people with disabilities and other community residents who have no personal transportation and are unable to utilize public transportation. Also included are programs that provide information, emergency assistance and other supportive services to meet the needs of tourists, travelers and other visitors.

See Also:

Automobiles (BM-0500)

Transportation Safety Standards (DF-8000.9000)

Prisoner Transport (FF-1700.6500)

Student Transportation Services (HL-8120.8200)

Hazardous Materials Transportation Regulation (JD-6500.1800-250)

Motor Vehicle Inspection Programs (JR-8200.8500-450)

Bus Destination Placards (LH-0600.5000-130)

Bus Hailing Kits (LH-0600.5000-150)

Cemetery Visitation Transportation Assistance (PB-1420)

Pet Transportation (PD-6250.7500)

Travel (PL-8700)

Animal Transportation Volunteer Opportunities (PX-0500.0800)

Disaster Related Transportation Volunteer Opportunities (PX-1900.1650)

Transportation Volunteer Opportunities (PX-8500)

Public Inebriate Transportation (RX-8470.6700)

Transportation Museums (TA-5500.9000)

Transportation Advocacy Groups (TD-1600.8500)

Traffic Control (TE-8440.8500)

Federal Transportation ESF (TH-1500.1800-850)

Evacuation Transportation (TH-2300.1700)

Post Disaster Transportation Information (TH-2600.1500-730)

Temporary Post Disaster Transportation (TH-2600.9000)

Maps (TJ-5000)

Transportation Statistics (TJ-8000.8500)



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